Can a high-quality motorhome be rented if you are travelling with a pet? Is it possible to rent a motorhome so that you really only bring your own personal belongings, jump into the car and return it after the trip without paying any additional fees? 

Matka-Villa can do all that!

There are no hidden extra fees in the rental price of Matka-Villa. When you rent this, you get a ready-made villa on wheels. The beds are already made and there are towels for everyone. Pets also have their own paw towels and a food and drink bowl. A good amount of crockery, cutlery, drinking glasses and mugs, as well as basic cooking utensils are there of course. In addition, our car has plenty of space for your own belongings, including bicycle rack for 4 bikes.

Matka-Villa is almost brand new as it was registered to traffic in 2021. The CI motorhome model Elliot 68 xt has been built on top of a reliable and effective Ford Transit and in our opinion the basic plannig of the interiors has been clever. If you want to see the whole technical information about the car, please check this.