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Experience Lapland with a motorhome
From €200.00 / d
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The midnight sun. Day trips in the fells. Free flowing waters. Shimmering lakes. The freedom to go in the direction that interests you at any time. Stay safely where the landscape speaks. Rest, enjoy and live free from schedules and worries. Enjoy company and carefreeness from the first minute to the last.

Matka-Villa is already equipped so that you can start your vacation right away. Just take your personal belongings and food supplies with you and head where you want to go. Forget about packing bedding or blankets and pillows. Leave the towels at home. Take your dearest people and the most important pet or pets in the world with you and experience Lapland comfortably. Go and take a look at the round fell tops and red sand beach of Pallas. Climp up fell Saana to admire Finland's most rugged landscapes. Go to Sonkamuotka to say hello to Sanna and grab some cheap coffee. Aavasaksa, Rovaniemi, Ylläs, Luosto, Saariselkä... You might get overwhelmed with the choices, but what ever you choose, they are all worth visiting.

And then there are also our two dearest neighbours, Sweden and Norway! If you have time, please do go and see them, too!

Matka-Villa's home is in Muonio, next to the Pallas-Ylläs National Park, along the Swedish border river Muonionjoki. You can pick up the car here or we will deliver it to you at Kolar railway station, Kittilä airport or even as far as Rovaniemi. Or somewhere else, if it needs to. Ask more about different options if necessary! We have always found a solution suitable for both parties.

Since not everyone's schedules always fit into a weekly rental, Matka-Villa is flexible in that as well. Rent a car for three nights. Or nine. Pick-up is possible on any day of the week, and so is return. Pick it up on Wednesday and return on Sunday if that suits your schedule best. And when you return, we of course hope that the Matka-Villa is in basic clean condition, but leave the final cleaning and emptying and filling the water tanks to us. And its toilet cartridge too. If along the way the tanks require filling or emptying, then we will not come there, but we will guide you through everything necessary when handing over the car.

You can get behind the wheel of Matka-Villa with a B-craded driving license that is at least 2 years old. The car is long and basic management requires driving experience, so there is no age limit for renting. If you got your card at the age of 17 and have driven car(s) regularly for 2 years, then welcome. If you have had little driving experience recently, please bring a more experienced driver with you and sit in the seat of the map reader. Give good instructions to the driver and make an unforgettable journey through wonderful landscapes!

Facts about Matka-Villa

  • Registered for 4 persons (4 seat belts, 2 x double bed)
  • Ford CI Elliot 68 XT 2.0 diesel
  • ABS breaks
  • Airbags for driver and front seat passenger
  • Solar panel
  • Bluetooth
  • A/C
  • ASR
  • Central heating
  • Central locking
  • Manual gearbox
  • Power steering
  • Electric windows
  • Electric mirrors
  • Trumatic
  • Turbo
  • Cruise control
  • Rear wiev camera

Rental fee includes:

  • Pillows, plankets, sheets, towels
  • Unlimited wi-fi in Finland, Sweden and Norway
  • 2500 km / a week, 350 km / day
  • Final cleaning
  • Insurance with 1200 euros self liability (exeption for towing service and windscreen's small "stone holes" which can be fixed without changing the whole screen: Self liability 0 euros)